Innovation Cohort Overview

The Innovation Cohort at Maine Medical Center (MMC), supported by the Maine Technology Institute, empowers trainees, clinicians, and staff across the institution to create innovative solutions to address unmet clinical needs, improve patient care, and reduce costs of care. The program supports faculty, trainees and staff in transforming their ‘back of the envelope’ drawing into a final product or service ready for clinical use. We also partner with business development experts to help participants transition from idea to intellectual property into partnerships and startups.

The Innovation Cohort is the first of a series of initiatives to turn our discomforts into invention. We anticipate projects ranging from medical devices to IT applications to care pathways and public health home runs. We will take the remarkable concentration of science and technology trained staff at MMC, combine it with the remarkable clinical care and education here, include innovation and invention training, and develop novel solutions to scale across our own ecosystem and into others.

We will know we have been successful when Innovation Cohort members become inventors, when new companies and licensing agreements emerge from MMC based intellectual property, when local companies and entrepreneurs rely on the MMC brain trust to invent and improve their products, when startup companies anchor steps away from Maine Medical Center because of the insights and skills of founders here, and when Maine Medical Center becomes a premier destination for serious students who are skillful in, but uncomfortable with, the status quo of medicine.

All members of the MMC community are welcome to apply. We are currently accepting applications for our second cohort. Applications will be accepted until September 29th, 2018. The first meeting will occur in early October 2018. The cohort will complete its work in early December 2018. The number of funded projects will depend on the quality of applications.