Participants in the Fall 2018 Cohort were selected based on the clarity of their application and the
likelihood that an innovation-based curriculum could accelerate their ideas. Participants came to the first session with a prepared 90 second pitch on the problem they would like to solve. Over the course of group sessions the teams learned how to pitch, the fundamentals of innovation, how to do true customer discovery, how to develop minimally viable prototypes, the basics of intellectual property, funding options, and product launches. 

Selected projects were submitted by a nurse, a medical student, a chiropractor, and a PhD researcher.  Two provisional patents were filed as a direct result of this group.

As a result of cohort work: 

Heidi Morin, Nursing Director of the Family Birthing Center, has filed a provisional patent on a software tool to estimate nursing needs linked to patient acuity. She has presented her work locally and nationally, and we are currently building an advanced prototype and considering company formation to scale this solution for the wider market.

Dan Hussey, a medical student, along with Bob Hussey, his father and MMC patient, have developed a novel solution to improve the ‘fit’ of of ostomy equipment for patients who have had a midline incision. Bob, a paper company engineer from Waterville, saw the need for this product due to his experience as a patient unhappy with off-the-shelf ostomy equipment. A provisional patent has been filed, and a company is being formed to further develop this technology. The team is currently producing 48 prototypes to offer to patients for rapid feedback and design improvment.